Brasov Tomorrow's Leaders

Brasov Tomorrow's Leaders - Sessions of the second edition



Get involved in your future

 What do you know about your community?

     How does it work?
     What benefits does it offer for You?
     What are its weaknesses?
     How can you help it and how  can
you get involved?

Join the group of "Brasov tomorrow's leaders" to become an active citizen, and to bring a change in your community!

About the project

 The "Brasov Tomorrow's Leaders" is a project developed for the new generation, direct beneficiaries being eleven grade students from the three centenary colleges in Brasov.  After a selection process,  thirty students will participate in seven sessions of training on  topics from the following fields: economy, local government and safety, health, education and culture.

The areas chosen are the basic components of any contemporary urban community. The training sessions will take place during seven months, one per month on the above mentioned topics. The
pilot edition is intended to be implemented during the academic year of 2012-2013.


Association of Business Women and Top Managers in Brasov <AFAFCI)>, established in January 2004, is an non-profit, apolitical NGO. AFAFCI is the succesor of Association of Women Managers in Brasov, an NGO created in 1997.

The history of AFAFCI is closely linked to the evolution of its members. The impulse of change in their lives was prompted by the wish to exceed their limits.